This is the new pengsquare!

We are a small startup dedicated to changing the way digital interactions work.

We started out as a platform for sharing and collecting digital art in 2015. We then pivoted to a coding shop for niche markets. We built apps to help developers translate content easily, apps to streamline web designer workflows and many more. We were exploring how we can make interactions with smart devices even more meaningful in the context of our award-winning technology Koriander Touch

And now we are back to where we start: helping creative people to share their content! With the new pengsquare alpha version build on the Solana blockchain, we are bringing our first ideas to the new world of blockchain-backed content and non-fungible tokens.

Yes, pengsquare goes crypto!

Caring is Squaring

Pengsquare is not a platform, but a decentral app helping you to share content with the world, appreciate the works of thers and show your appreciation by buying, swaping or simply squaring! Squaring? Yes, we don’t support likes, but squares – a square is pretty much a ‘like’ but it also comes with a few lamports donation to the profile owner.

Powered by Solana

The app is built on top of Solana. It comes with a couple of technical protocols, on-chain programs and this very UI. But withou the power of the Solana chain, nothing would be possible!

An App for dContent

The world of web 3 is goint to be decentral and so is the content and content distribution. Pengsquare is built to help you explore, enjoy and define this new world!